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Elisa is truly as GOOD as it gets!! We started with one closet, that quickly moved room by room, the rest of the house. I finally I feel like I can breathe again! After so many years, moves, kids, not to mention life’s standard clutter, this was a project I never would have tackled without the help of someone so skilled and professional - Elisa knows what she is doing and is so efficient and hardworking. I’m so grateful she was referred to me!!
— Kimberly G.
Elisa is THE BEST INVESTMENT you can make if you need help organizing & staging! She is a life saver and I would recommend her 100 times over! Best money I’ve spent in years!!!
— Morgan A.
I was moving and needed help editing my closet before I packed it up. Elisa was a huge help she got right to work and knew exactly what to do. She was very knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Elisa and I will definitely be using her service again.
— Kimberly H.
Elisa is above and beyond. She has transformed my home and in turn my life. I know where everything is and where everything goes. I feel like I spend less $ because I know what I have and where it is. She was also able to rearrange my furniture in a way that made more sense and gave me more space!
— Patti G.
I loved everything Elisa did with me, her ideas, working style, efficiency... I am so happy that my closet looked great AFTER Elisa worked with me. I highly recommend her, she will help u to make a BIG difference.
— Jingli C.
Thank you so much, Elisa!! Your help clearing out my garage last week was so very appreciated!! You were very pleasant to work side by side with and you definitely know what you’re doing! Now my life feels a bit less frazzled. Can’t wait to have you come back and help me with my closet clean up!
— Karina K.
Having Closets by Elisa Marie come over and help me was life changing. Elisa was able to reorganize my things in a way that opened my eyes to what I had and made it easier to put together an entire outfit. Just having a fresh perspective on where to place things in my closet so they made sense never occurred to me and I’ve been living in the same house for over 10 years! The MOST fun part however was after the organizing was done. She knew what I had, got a sense for my style and what I needed to add to my wardrobe. When Elisa shops for me, I do not have to worry about wasting money on clothes that I won’t wear. She is able to incorporate new things into what I already have. I wear everything she buys and almost always get compliments! I continue to have Elisa shop for me when seasons change and have her help me edit my closet of outdated items. It has been well worth it to me to have her expertise, build a great wardrobe and have a fabulous organized closet!!!
— Kari M.
I have loved working with Elisa! I’m not the most organized person so she was a huge help. She was like a whirlwind with my closet and before I knew it, it was organized much more efficiently. After she got to know my personal style from organizing my closet, we had a personal shopping day and literally everything she picked out for me, I loved. I never would have picked the things out for myself but that’s what I like most is that she challenged me to try out styles with more of an edge yet still super flattering for my body type.
I’m looking forward to another “ maintenance “ review day soon!
— Kara G.
I’m not a shopper. Call me nuts, but I’m not the gal longing for a NY trip to 5th Ave and Soho to shop. So imagine my quandary when the time came to update my wardrobe ahead of a new job. Lululemon in the corporate world doesn’t cut it.

And as if on queue, Elisa came to the rescue. We discussed what I needed, she checked my current closet of random mismatched pieces, and got to work.

She returned with a ton of wonderful, well-fitted and affordable options, taking into consideration my taste and lack of personal style; all without judgment. All in all, I’m comfortable in the board room with my fantastic wardrobe.

Thank you Elisa! I look forward to working with you again!
— Meesh P.
A group of us just had Elisa speak with us about closet organization and techniques for packing and reorganization of clothing. In hearing her speak and share her abundant knowledge and expertise on the topic, It was obvious Elisa is so passionate about what she does. To have Elisa give you advise and tips will be life changing—- trust me ladies. Your search is over.
— Michelle B.
I just went on a girl’s weekend to Florida where the birthday girl insisted we not check bags. Elisa helped us all to pack with a great consultation and even sent example photos of what to bring. I wish I had her closet! Love her style...but the pictures helped us all to pack the right things. I’m sure the other people at the resort must have thought we all worked in fashion thanks to Elisa’s help. Thanks again!
— Jennifer P.
Elisa did an amazing job organizing our swim team storage area. She is amazing at what she does and has a true passion for organization. I would highly recommend Elisa.
— Rob S.