Who I am

Elisa Marie Hazlewood,

Styled Organizing is based on my eye for style                 and natural talent for organizing.   

My goal is to unfailingly put my client's comfort first.  I do this by being unobtrusive, discreet and completely non judgmental.  

Always aware of boundaries and budgets. 

I have been organizing and styling forever, without realizing what I was doing it.  I recall going on play dates and spending more time cleaning my friend's rooms than playing. Parents loved me, I am not sure how my friends felt at the time...  My Mom remembers me organizing while shopping; folding sweaters or straitening up shelves, I still do this.  I have an affinity for order and ascetics.

In college I got my first commission based retail sales job.  Here I learned that I not only loved organization, I loved and was good at styling as well.  Around that time some of my former play date playmates started encouraging & recruiting me to help organize their apartments and keep their closets current. Making the most of what we had out of our teeny tinny Manhattan apartments and even smaller budgets.

Eventually I realized that these two talents could make a great business either individually or fit seamlessly together.  In 2008 I left the my full time job and decided to turn this hobby into a my career.  Amidst getting married and having children... In 2010 we moved to Southern California taking my talents with me, I continued what I started in New York here.  I offer more experience and expertise.  I organize everything from closets & cabinets to pantries & play rooms.  

I am also able to clear the spaces energetically as well as physically, leaving clients feeling not only more organized physically but also emotionally lighter.  We don't just 'get rid of stuff' we remove stale stagnate energy that could be holding you back from living a less stressful improved life.

 James, Elisa, Andre Jr & Andre Sr

James, Elisa, Andre Jr & Andre Sr